ReRooting Doll Hair ~ New Hair ~ Face Paint ~ Clothing


Tiny Chatty Baby Reroot Hair and Outfit Doll 2019-05-28

THIS Tiny Chatty Baby Doll was bought for a COMPLETE make over. She is in good shape over all, but NEEDS some work.

This will be my first Rerooting of Doll Hair. I will also paint her Face, Clean Stains out of the Original Outfit/Vintage Clothing, and Deron will be working on her Voice/Talk Box/Mechanism.

She is a project doll and I will be happy to work on her. Please see our Videos, as we go/work on make over, of this doll.

Tiny Chatty Baby Reroot Hair annd Outfit Stain Work Doll 2019-05-28

This looks like a blood stain in her little outfit. I will put on plastic gloves and try GOOP Hand Cleaner First. If that does not take the stain out, I will use peroxide. I will of course wash the clothing as I wash the doll. GOOP works wonders, we shall see how it does with blood.

The contents of this page for ReRooting Doll Hair ~ New Hair ~ Face Paint ~ Clothing is still under construction. Please check back often.

-- The Far Out Living Team
Tue, 28 May 2019 10:56:22 -0400

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