National Park Passport

Passport To Your National Parks

We bought two National Park Passports June 2014. One for Deron and I, one for his son Blake. You can find them for sale in the National Park Visitation Offices or Gift Shops. They are fun to have. It is fun to get them stamped with the date, when you visit the different National Parks and other places. The National Parks and some other places also offer stick on photo stamps from around their areas. There are places inside the Passport for both the Rubber Stamp stamping as well as an area for the Stick On Photo Stamps to be placed inside the Passport from the area of the Park you are visiting.

Deron found that there are approx. 430 places in the USA that will validate or rubber stamp your Passport. Most of the National Park Rubber Stamps have the date within them. Although, extra areas that will stamp your Passport, and some other sites, such as The Mammoth Site, in Hot Springs, SD do not have the date when stamped. But it is still a record of the Passport Holder being at the areas.

The Passport Book is approx 6" x 4" x 1/2" and comes with a see through plastic pocket with a "National Park System Map" within. I keep and carry my "Passport To Your National Parks" book in my Daybag/Day Bag with my Camera, Binoculars, Jacket, Flashlight, as well as other small items I might need while out on the trails inside the parks. Yellowstone, as well as other Parks have more then one area that have stamps available for stamping your Passport.

The idea of the Passport has caught on and been so popular that other areas now offer Passports. We picked up "DEADWOOD Past Port" in Deadwood, SD. With it you visit six attractions, get your Past Port stamped, turn it into the Visitors Center, for a chance to win prizes.


While reading about the National Parks Passports on line Deron found several places that are not National Parks that also have Rubber Stamps on hand for stamping inside the Passports.

Sites We Have Had Rubber Stamp Our Passports

Just ask, when touring, if the places you are visiting have a Rubber Stamp you could stamp your Passport with. You might be surprised. We found these places have Rubber Stamps for Passports...

The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs SD
Buffalo Gap National Grassland Office Hot Springs, SD

We have heard that these places also have Rubber Stamps for stamping Passports

The contents of this page for National Park Passport is still under construction. Please check back later!

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